A Message To Us (DEMO)

by Synonyms Of Torment

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I made this album by myself, alone, all that I had in my mind, and then I discovered that the saddest song comes from the most beautiful melody.


released December 22, 2014

credits to Blødtorstig Ulfr



all rights reserved


Synonyms Of Torment Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

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Track Name: A Message to Us
What Is Humankind
We are nothing
Just look at the stars
Then you realize
We are dying
At the moment
We are born

Do you really know what life...

Now there is no hope
Our Home is gone
They cry blood, for what they did
All deserve death
I cannot stand
We destroy everything

Track Name: This Cold Air
The world remains dark.
My unconscious state
of anguish and suffering
It's so cold
I am so alone

Crawling in my nightmares
With my soul petrified

And my body
being touched by this cold air
This Cold Air
Can't You Feel?
There were so many dreams
Now frozen dreams
There will never be anything

When we fall
In hopelessness
Nothing can be done
The air suffocates
and the eyes will close
The end has come.
Track Name: The Last Rose Of My Blood
Found myself alone
Diving in to the deep,
The fortress of my mind.
in a never-ending darkness.
But i could see the world
I just saw ourselves
I never want to be right

Humankind and its hypocritical despair.
Promoted with hatred and egoism.
I hate to see the reality.
Put an end to my life

Dead Trees
Fading Light
Colder Air
The thorns will just pierce

Feel, they were right here
They were in all parts
Now they are falling
We are all

Into the Abysmal dark Destiny
All the tears become blood
I entered the shaft of sorrow

The Last Rose Of My Blood
Track Name: Desolation
Track Name: Day 21
I miss You so
I Love You, my dear.
Hold Me, please.
Don't go away
I need you

It hurts to accept fate, to lose my love
I cry at the memories.
She cries from the other side

Come Back

Stand By Me
The Universe against my thoughts
Everything now is tragic.

I'll see you again
I'll be with you
Besides the whole distance, and the dreams.
When the end will come to me.
When it's all over with me.
I'll be there.
When my time comes.
Track Name: Coma
Now I can just sleep in peace

Life will not suffocate me

But stop my dream

I just want to isolate myself and die alone
This is not the life I want
"Help me"

I cry alone
I cry alone for me

In here there is no one

Falling in the dark
With blind eyes
My mind can not handle the agony with me. Internal screams

Total despair
I can only hear the screams inside my mind and they destroy me and makes me want to die

Life forced me to stay forever in this way

I am done.
My tears, swallow me
Imaginary tears
Life is Pain and disgrace
in the dark